[QUOTE=dias;1477460]- It's not too hard to make this list :). Need Someone to make these plugin description...
by Dias

- If plugin still not working. Just contact me here :D
- I only post the name of plugin not version of day update
Example: Full Name is "[ZP] Addon: Questions & Answers v1.0 (11/11/2011)"
=> In List is "[ZP] Addon: Questions & Answers"

1. Zombie Plague Mod 4.3
- Official Patches for ZP 4.3
2. Zombie Plague 5.0 Beta 4

3. Zombie Plague Advance
4. Zombie Plague Mod, Advance With New Natives

[Addons - GamePlays]
[ZP] GamePlay: 50% Nemesis – 50% Survivors
[ZP] GamePlay: Plague Round Remix

[ZP] GamePlay: Infection Mode 2.0 || Real Infection

[ZP 5.0] Addon: Leeches

[ZP] Random Extra On New Round
[ZP 4.3] Addon: SupplyBox
[ZP 5.0] Addon: Team Semiclip
[ZP] Addon: Auto Health (Calculated by Number of Player and Zombie)
[ZP 5.0] Addon : No Engine Knockback
[ZP 5.0] Addon: Basic Sprinting
[ZP] Addons : Show Nemesis/Survior HP + Plague Mode Survivor/Nemesis HP Show
[ZP] Addon: Donate Ammo Packs
[ZP] Addon: Human Classes (without models change support)
[ZP] Addon: Random Lighting
[ZP] Addon: Critical Hit
[ZP] Addon: Quad Damage (Human)
[ZP] Addon: Stop Retards BOT
[ZP] Addon: Give Full Ammo Packs

[ZP][nVault Beta][SQL] Addon: Military Rank System
[ZP] Addon: Class Limiter
[ZP] Sub-Plugin: Manage Ammo Packs

[ZP] Addon: Sprites On HUD
[ZP] Addon: Simple Zombie HP Regen

[ZP] Addon: Special Respawn (New)

[ZP] Addon: Questions & Answers

[ZP] Addons: Zombie Healing Skill

[ZP] Addon: KF Slow-Motion

[ZP] Addon: Show Health, Armor For Zombie

[ZP] Sub-Plugin: Delayed Infection

[ZP] Addon: Simple VIP Players

[ZP] Addon: Armor Drop

[ZP] Addon: Last Human Pain Shock Free

[ZP] Addon: First Zombie Bonus Menu

[ZP] Addon: NST Zombie Radio Port (ZP4.3)

[ZP] Addon: Bonus Box

[ZP] Addon: CZ Bot Helper

[ZP] Addon: Block Attack for Bot in New Round

[ZP] Addon: Random Zombie Class For Bot

[ZP] Addon: Grenade Status

[ZP] Extension: Ammo Packs Bank

[ZP] Bank SteamID,Nick,IP(MySQL,SQLITE)

[ZP] Addon: Web Stats

[ZP] Zombie VIP

[ZP] Sub-Plugin: Ultimate Bank

[ZP] Sub-Plugin: Rewards

[ZP] Zombie XP – Human Classes – Leveling Up

[ZP] Server Addon: LevelUp System XP

[ZP] Server Addon : Show Zombie health

[ZP] Sub-Plugin: Parachute

[ZP] Addon: A. Human Class

[ZP] Addon: Advanced Antiblock

[ZP] Addon: Aim Info

[ZP] Extra Server Addon : Presents

[ZP] Addon: Happy Hour

[ZP] Extension: Nemesis Rocket Launcher

[ZP] Addons: DeathMachine

[ZP] Server Addon: Adrenaline Mode [Alpha version]

[ZP] Addons: Informer

[ZP] Addon: Death Sprite

[ZP] Addon: New Win Messages

[ZP] Addon: First Zombie Translucent/Invisible

[ZP] Addon: Bodyguard Mode

[ZP] Addons: Infection Countdown Remix

[ZP] Addon: Biohazard Icon for ZP 4.3 with New Modes

[ZP] Server Addon: Real Lighting

[ZP]Addons : Presents

[ZP] Sub Plugin: Zombie Mutation

[ZP] Addon: Display the Current Mode

[ZP] Addon : Laser Destroy Preventer

[ZP] Extension: Last human is survivor

[ZP] Addon: Protect the Nemesis/Survivor

[ZP] Addon: Advanced Fog System

[ZP] Addon: Show team score

[ZP] Addon: Choose the Weapons Survivor

[ZP] Addon: Ability Dodge for Human

[ZP] Addon: First Person Death

[ZP] Addon: Armor Free

[ZP] Addon: Block Spray

[ZP] Addon: Lighting Vote

[ZP] Addon: Counter-Strike like Buymenu for Zombie Plague

[ZP] Sub-plugin: Switch M4a1 Model When Kill a Zombie

[ZP] CSO In-Game Theme

[ZP] Addon: Custom Lighting Levels

[Extra Items]

=> [H = Human | Z = Zombie | N/A = Not Available]
[ZP4.3 & 5.0] Extra Item: Deadly Shot
[ZP] Extra Item: Confused Bomb (Z)
[ZP] Extra Item: Nitrogen Galil (H)
[ZP] Extra Item: No Recoil (H)
[ZP] Extra: Crazy Bomb (H)
[ZP] Extra: Yet Another KillBomb (Z)
[ZP] Extra : Green Herb, Small First Aid Spray, Large First Aid Spray (H)
[ZP] Extra Item: Kira v1.0 (H)
[ZP] Extra Item: Plasma Rifle (H)
[ZP] Extra Item: Dispenser(H)
[ZP] Extra Item: Speed Boost (H+Z)
[ZP] Extra Item: Wallclimb (Z)
[ZP] Extra Item: I am the Iron Man
[ZP] Extra item: Barrett M95
[ZP] Extra Item: Freeze Ability & Immunity
(Z + H)
[ZP] Extra Item: Golden Luger
[ZP] Extra Item: CSO – SvDex
[ZP] Extra items : Golden xm1014
[ZP] Extra items: Golden MP5 Navy
[ZP] Extra item: Golden Ak 47 (H)

[ZP] Extra Item: Sweet Revenge
[ZP] Extra items : Black White Galil
[ZP] Extra Item : Sentry Guns
[ZP] Extra Item : Tryder
[ZP] Extra Item: Gauss
[ZP] Extra Item : FlameXM1014
[ZP] Extra Item: Dynamite Zombie
[ZP] Extra Item: Minigun
[ZP] Extra Item: Zombie Human Scanner
[ZP] Extra Item : Golden Deagle
[ZP] Extra Item : 3rd Person View
(H + Z)
[ZP] Extra Item: Golden Ak – 47 Fix
[ZP] Extra Item: Blood Stone
[ZP] Extra Item: Snark Infector
[ZP] Extra Item: Advanced Antidote Gun
[ZP] Extra Item: Critical Strike
[ZP] Extra Item : Immunity
[ZP] Extra Item: Energy Suit
[ZP] Extra Item : MP5 Nade Launcher
[ZP] Extra Item : Pipe Bomb
[ZP] Extra Item : Strip Bomb
[ZP] Extra Item: Buy Classes
[Zp] Extra Item : Molotov Coctail
[ZP] Extra Item: Chainsaw
[ZP] Extra Item: Sawn-Off Shotgun
[ZP] Extra Item: Concussion Grenade
[ZP] Extra Item: Laser/TripMine
[ZP] Extra Item: Infection Storm
[ZP] Extra Item: Grenade Launcher
[ZP] Extra item: Sniper v1.6
[ZP] Extra Item: Katana Samurai!
[ZP] Extra Item: Kill Bomb For Zombies
[ZP] Extra Item : Player Aura V1.6
[ZP] Extra Item: Buy Shield
[ZP] Extra Item: Zombie/Human Marker
[ZP] Extra Item: Buy Classes
[ZP] Extra Item : Force Field Grenade
[ZP] Extra Item : Satanic Healing
[ZP] Extra Item: Zombie Force
[ZP] Extra item: Dynamic Deagle
[ZP] Extra Item: Soldier UqZ
[ZP] Extra Items: Herbs
[ZP] Extra Item: MutaDote
[ZP] Extra Item: Sniper Laser Gun
[ZP] Extra Item: Laser Sight
[ZP] Extra Iten: Golden M3
[ZP] Extra Item: Weapon M16
[ZP] Extra item: Thunder Knife
[ZP] Extra Item: Reset your score
[ZP] Extra Item: Spawn Teleport
[ZP] Extra Item: Tau Cannon
[ZP] Extra Item: Speed Hammer
[ZP] Extra Item: Delite Human
[ZP] Extra Items : Traps!
[ZP] Extra Item: Stealth
[ZP] Extra Item: Crossbow
[ZP] Extra Item: Teleport
[ZP] Extra Item : KillBomb
[ZP] Extra Item : Thunder Carabine
[ZP] Extra Item : Golden M4A1
[ZP] Extra Item: Silent Hill Radio
[ZP] Extra Item: Anti-Infection Armor
[ZP] Extra Item: Bazooka
[ZP] Extra Item: Damage Kit
[ZP] Extra item: Human Pack
[ZP] Extra Item: Hivehand
[ZP] Extra item: JetPack + Bazooka
[ZP] Extra Item: Multijump
[ZP] Extra Item: Pack Of Grenades
[ZP] Extra Item: Sand Bags
[ZP] Extra Item: T-Virus
[ZP] Extra Item: Unlimited Clip
[ZP] Extra item: Silver Bullets
[ZP] Extra Item Pet - Bat for humans
[ZP] Extra Item: Gravity Gun
[ZP] Extra Item: Speed Boost
(Z + H)
[ZP] Extra item: Bazooka + New Modes
[ZP] Extra Item: Hiper Player
[ZP] Extra Item: Regeneration Armor
[ZP] Extra Item: M60 Machine Gun
[ZP] Extra Item: Gravity Gun (H)

[Zombie Classes]

[ZP] Class Pack: CSO (Class from CSO)
[ZP 5.0] 4 Zombie Classes
[ZP] Zombie Class: L4D Witch
[ZP] CSO Class: Stamper (yokomo)
[ZP] Zombie Class: Illusion Zombie
[ZP] CSO Zombie Class: Stamper
[ZP] Class: Fast Jumper
[ZP] Zombie Class: Box Zombie
[ZP] Zombie Class: Half-Life 2 Zombie
[ZP] Zombie Class: Rebirth
[ZP] Zombie Class: Crawler

[ZP] Zombie Class: Suicide Zombie

[ZP] Zombie Class: Houndeye Zombie

[ZP] Zombie Class: Hunt

[ZP] Zombie Class: Brute Mother

[ZP] Zombie Class: Blink Zombie

[ZP] Zombie Class: Executioner Zombie

[ZP] Zombie Class: Burning Zombie

[ZP] Zombie Class: Lockerz Zombie

[ZP] Zombie Class: Deimos Zombie

[ZP] Zombie Class : Paralizer Zombie

[ZP] Zombie Class: Boomer

[ZP] Zombie Class: L4D Tank

[ZP] Zombie Class Class: Smoke Screen Zombie

[ZP] Zombie Class: Predator

[ZP] Zombie Class: Rage Zombie

[ZP] Zombie Class: Cerberus Dog

[ZP] Zombie Class: KF Siren Zombie

[ZP] Zombie Class: Hunter Zombie L4D2

[ZP] Class: Sniper Zombie

[ZP] Class : Thermal Zombie

[ZP] Class: Frost Zombie

[ZP] Zombie Class: Blinker

[ZP] Class: Heavy Tank Zombie

[ZP] Class: Bloodsucker

[ZP] Class & Extra: Smoker & Drag ability

[ZP] Zombie Class: Supplied Damage

[ZP] Zombie Class: Blinding Zombie

[ZP] Zombie Class: Vampire Zombie

[ZP] Zombie Class : Assassin Zombie

[ZP] Zombie Class: Dummy Zombie

[ZP] Zombie Class: Islave

[ZP] Zombie Class: Dog

[ZP] Zombie Class : Leap Zombie

[ZP] Zombie Class: BunnyHop

[ZP] Zombie Class: Climb Zombie

[ZP] Zombie Class: Deadly Zombie

[ZP] Zombie Class: Faller Zombie

[ZP] Zombie CLass: Flame Zombie

[ZP] Zombie Class: Flying Crow

[ZP] Zombie Class: Invisible Cat

[ZP] Zombie Class: Reflect Zombie

[ZP] Zombie CLass: Witch Zombie

[ZP] Zombie Class: Werewolf Zombie

[ZP] Zombie Class: Doom

[ZP] Zombie Class: Santa Claus Zombie

[ZP] Zombie Class: Swarm Zombie

[ZP] Zombie Class: Infecter Zombie

[ZP] Zombie Class: Raptor Zombie

[ZP] Zombie Class: Pyramid Zombie

[Other ZP Stuff]
- Sky Collection - By Dare-Devil
- SKy Collection II - By Makiza
- Sound Collection - By 5c0r-|3i0
- Model Collection - by Hello-World
- Other List of plugins - by Georgik57
- [ZP] CSO Transformation Pack - by Jc980