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descriptionhow to lower ping


Enter the console or download the. Cfg

To avoid typing all the commands you need to download the ping.cfg and put the folder "cstrike".
When you start the game type in console: exec ping.cfg

OBS.: Every time you enter the game.

Meaning of commands:

Rate: Bytes per second limit you will receive from the server
cl_updaterate: Packets per second you will ask the server
cl_rate: Bytes per second limit that you will send pro server
cl_cmdrate: Packages sent to server per second

Now go down the console and type:
net_graph 3

Some information will appear in the right corner of the screen to remove just type:
net_graph 0

From this information you will set your rates to improve your game. Let us understand them

Choke: The server is taking too long to answer, you need to reduce their requests for information, or search for a better server.

Loss: You are responding less than you can .... you might want to send less data packets d your net can, then, is the loss .... to relieve it, adjust the rate (increasing value) to the nearest Can the sv_maxrate the server (to base, increase the rate, if any choke, you then began to decrease so you do not have q loss), or increase the cl_updaterate and cl_cmdrate to try to reduce the loss!

Packet (packet): A discrete part of the transmission on the Internet, the packet size varies from those who are going ...

Ping: Time in milliseconds q takes you to reach the server. On the internet, things work well, you send data packets to a host and that host replies are sent, the time that all packets take to reach this host, and return to your PC is called ping.

Server (for server owners):

Commands on dedicated:

- Sv_minrate 0
- Sv_maxrate
- Sv_maxupdaterate

For the number of sv_maxupdaterate, divide the speed of your upload kbps by the number of players you have in the server, for example: if you have 30kbps upload d, and has three players on your server: 30:3 = 10, then sv_maxupdaterate its will be 10. If you enter or exit a player, change the number.

sv_maxrate: It is measured in bytes per second, and this is the maximum that the server will release for each player, every second.

If you ta alone in the map and not doing anything, the server needs to send about 1000 bytes in 1 second, if you're in a firefight, you'll need about 10,000 bytes per second d.
So if you have 30 kbps upload, and you want a maximum of three players, you must by maxrate 10000 as if you want a maximum of four players: 7 ~ = 30:4 then his sv_maxrate should be approximately 7200.


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descriptionRe: how to lower ping

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descriptionRe: how to lower ping

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