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Mega Lista Plugins ZM - Forum Allied Modders

Mensagem por Junin em 16/5/2011, 7:04 pm

Survivor & B.O.W. classes - New whole gameplay
Zombie Mutilation - Added new gameplays

50% Nemesis - 50% Survivors - like it said, a hot duel between survivor and nemesis
Addons - Several addons compilation
Ammo Packs Bank - Store and retrieve ammo packs
Armor Free - Give all players armor
Anti Block - Allows to pass through players
Bank With Auto Save - Store and retrieve ammo packs
Bazooka Nemesis - Give Nemesis bazooka
Buy Messages - Buy HUD message
Corpse Eaters - Added zombie ability to eat corpse (regain health)
Countdown - Countdown to infection
CS Buy Menu - Replace buy menu with standard/custom CS buy menu
Choose the Weapon Survivor - Choose weapon for survivor
Display Current Mode - Display HUD for current ZP mode of play
Dodge - Give human ability to dodge
Gas Nade - Human ability, Smoke bomb that decrease zombie health
Give Ammo Packs - Give ammo packs (admin only?)
Human HP Disguise - When the humans HP drops below a certain amount, they will turn semi-invisible
Hit Reward - Rewards people for hitting their enemies by giving them a certain amount of ammo packs
Infection Countdown Remix - Countdown to infection, Remake
Informer - Give HUD information about time or alive human
Knife Knocback - Give knockback to knife
Last Human Is Survivor - Turn last human into survivor
Last Human Is Survivor (New) - Turn last human into survivor, newer version
Last Man Ammo Packs Bet - Bet a sum of ammo packs on who will win the round
Lighting Vote - Vote for lightning, day, dusk, night
Low HP Heartbeat - Sound when low on HP
No Crosshair For Zombies - Remove crosshair on zombie
No Fall Damage For Zombies - Zombie take no damage from fall
No Recoil For Survivor - Remove recoil from survivor
Presents - Spawn random presents
Real Death (First Person Death) - Replace 3rd person death with 1st person death
Regeneration - Add regeneration
Round Draw Blast - If round ends and neither of the teams win, kill all players
Select Models - Allowing to choose player models
Shootable Objects - Allowing to move pushable by shooting/knifing
Stamina - Makes humans have a limited amount of energy that get depleted when run
Swarm Round Respawning - Dead will respawn on Swarm mode
Unlimited Bullet - Give unlimited bullet to human
ZBot Helper - Fix some issue when playing with bots on CZ
Zombie Rage - Fixed zombie class
Zombie XP - Gaining levels unlocks stronger classes for both humans and zombies

Extra Items (H: Human only, Z: Zombie Only, HZ: Human and Zombie)
3rd Person View - (HZ) Buyable 3rd person view
AntiDote Gun - (H) Weapon that turn zombie into human
AntiDote Laser - (H) Weapon that turn zombie into human
Anti-Infection Armor - (H) Armor for human
Batteries - (H) Flashlight batteries
Bazooka - (H) New weapon for ZP
Buy 1000HP - (HZ) Buy 1000 HP for human and zombie
Buy Ammo Packs - (HZ) Buy ammo packs using money
Buy Nemesis|Survivor|Assasin|Sniper|Raptor - (H) Buy to become one of the classes
Call In For Air Raid Strike - (H) Call for bombing the maps
Cammicace - (H) New weapon for ZP
Candle Bomb - (H) Candle flare, much lighter than flare grenade
Choose Low Gravity - (HZ) Choose gravity
Damage Bullets
Damage Kit - (H) Buy this, you get a m3, a deagle and knife, with multiple damage
Dispenser - (H) Building which can give you free ammo
Dual MP5 - (H) New weapon for ZP
Flamethrower - (H) New weapon for ZP
Force Field - (H) Protect the human from zombie
Gauss - (H) New Powerful weapon. If you shoot a Zombie, this is instantly annihilated
Gravity At Start - (H) Extra gravity on start
Golden AK47 - (H) New weapon for ZP
Golden Deagle - (H) New weapon for ZP
Human Pack - (H) Some extra items compilation
Human Scanner - (Z) Like radar, but for zombie
Hive Hand - (Z) New weapon that can launch hornets
Invisible - (HZ) Be invisible
Jetpack + Bazooka - (H) New weapon for ZP
KillBomb - (H) Bomb that can kill zombie
Knife Blink - (Z) Gives zombies the possibility to move rapidly towards a human over a short distance
Laser/Trip Mine - (HZ) Plant laser/trip mine
Laser/Trip Mine Only For Zombies - (Z) Plant laser/trip mine
Leap - (Z) Zombie jump longer
Magic Bullets - (H) Add silver and poison bullets
Medkit - (H) Cure HP or armor from wound
Minigun - (H) New weapon for human
Molotov Coctail - (H) More advance flare grenade
MP5 Navy Grenade Launcher - (H) New weapon for human
More Hp Human And Zombie - (HZ) Buy more HP
Multijump - (H) Jump multiple times, even being in mid air
Multijump + Multijumps At The Beginning
Pack Of Grenades - (H) Buy one napalm nade, two frost nade and one flare
Parachute - (H) Buy parachute
Pet - Bat For Humans - (H) Give pet to human
Player Aura - (H) Aura like survivor
Radar Scanner - (H) Display zombie on radar
Radar Scanner Updated - (H) Display zombie on radar (Updated)
Rocket Launcher (Bazooka) - (H) New weapon for ZP
Satchel Charge - (H) Satchel Charge from HL (use detonator)
Sand Bags - (H) Deploy sand bags (blocker)
Sentry Guns - (H) Deploy setry guns that can attack zombie automatically
Shield - (H) Buy shield
Silent Hill Radio - (H) Radio for humans
Simple Zombie Radio - (Z) Radio for zombie
Snark Infector - (Z) Use Snark to infect humans
Sniper Pack + Laser Sight - (H) New weapon for ZP
Speed Boost - (HZ) Boost speed when run
Super Player - (H) HP:600, Armor00, Infinite bullet
Superweapon M4 + M203 - (H) New weapon for ZP
Sweet Revenge - (Z) Kill human when you as zombie being killed
T-Virus - (H) Buy T-Virus and be zombie
Teleport - (H) Give ability to teleport
Teleport Nade - (H) Throw nade and you will teleport to it
Thermal Googles - (H) Can see through walls
Traps - (H) Deploy misc zombie traps
Tryder - (H) New weapon for ZP
Unlimited Clip - (H) Unlimited clip ammo for a single round
ZSpawn - (HZ) Respawn every time when you want (only if dead)

Zombie Class
Advanced Classes Zombie - Compilation of several zombie classes
Advanced Invisible Zombie - Zombie class that can dbe invisible when duck
Angel Zombie - Zombie class that can drift down at a constant slow rate while air born
Boomer - Zombie class that can explode when death, killing nearby humans
BunnyHop Zombie - Zombie class that can do bunnyhop
Camouflage Zombie - Zombie class that can camouflage as human
Chinese Zombie - Zombie class that can jump longer
Climb Zombie - Zombie class that can climb
Climbing Zombie - Zombie class that can climb
Deadly Zombie - Zombie that can respawn randomly after death
Drowned Zombie - Zombie that don't take damage when in water (swim)
Faller Zombie - Zombie class that doesn't take any damage from falls
Flame Zombie - Zombie class that can throw flame
Flying Crow - Crow zombie class
Ghost Zombie - Invisible zombie class, marked with white glow
Heavy Tank Zombie - Zombie class with lot HP
HellHound - Wolf zombie class
Invisible Cat - Zombie class that invisible if not move, jump or attack. Have long jump
Leap Zombie - Zombie class that can do leap
Mega Jumper Zombie - Zombie class that can do huge leap
Noclip Zombie - Zombie class that can walk through walls
Predator - Same with classic zombie but with different?
Reflect Zombie - Zombie class that can camouflage as human
Smoker - Zombie class that can drag human to deal damage
Smoke Screen Zombie - Zombie class that make fog
Spider - Spider zombie class
Stixsworld Zombie Classes - Extra zombie classes
Thermal Zombie - Zombie class that can see through walls
Tight Zombie - Zombie class that can jump mid-air
Terrorist Zombie - Rip code?
Ultimate Big Zombie - Big zombie with pain shock free
Umbrella Zombie - Zombie class with the umbrella model
Vampire Zombie - Zombie class get health when hit human
Witch - Zombie which paralyze and do 2x more damage fighting with a human
Zombie Classes Extra - Extra zombie classes
Zombie Regeneration - Zombie class that can regenerate HP[url=axxa]axxa[/url]

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